Travis Greene & Forward City, Simple Matter (Video & lyrics)



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Travis Greene & Forward City – Simple Matter (Video & lyrics)

Official Music Video for “Simple Matter” by & Forward City

Simple Matter was written by and Matthew Edwards. Stream “Simple Matter” now!


Verse 1

I got a feeling
There is a Healing on the Way
My God is Willing & Able
To Whatever he chooses

Verse 2

Don't miss the moment
Everything you need is waiting – for you
& If you could just believe
Dig a little Deeper, you'll see – Him move


& This is a Simple Matter
Mira-cles are easy for God
Yea This is a Simple Matter
Nothing's Too Hard, for God

He can do that too
What He's done for me, He can do for you
Don't tell me what God can't do
What He's done for me, He can do for you
It's a Simple Matter

Verse 3

Is there a witness
Who has seen it with your eyes
I was the 1st out of 99
Who wasn't left behind

Verse 4

That was the moment
Everything about me – was totally changed
& If you could just believe
Open up your heart & receive – His grace
He'll make you new

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