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Yvenson Balde

Born in (Pareidon) lascahobas, central plateau Haiti on June 23 in a christian family of 8 children. His Father Yvon Balde grew up in Paniague; Pareidon married to His Mother, Ruthe Deceus, raised in Kabedjin.
Yvenson Balde started his musical career in 2000 and integrated the band BERACA in 2001 to play keyboard. By then, people started to know him as a musician. In 2002, he was recruited to be the keys player of the gospel choir "heavenly voice of Lascahobas". While he was doing his job playing keys, his maestro Barthelemy Formula discovered his new talent and asked him to join as one of the lead singers. Yvenson does not have a problem singing any type of voice, soprano, tenor or viola. After a period of experience music, he decided to create his own band JELS (Youth of Salvation) in 2003. This band has been a success for him. Yvenson said "we, musician of JELS were not the best musician in the Haitian musical system, but we did our best in the CENTER PLATEAU and we were the CHOUCHOU of them".

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After graduation from high school, he was transferred to "Universite L'umiere d'Haiti"; where he started studying computer science. He did not give up on his musician career. Every weekend, he traveled to his town (lascahobas) in order to rehearse. In 2008, he came to the United States in Nassau community college in New York. That did not stop him from continuing with his music occupation; he started another band named, FOG (followers of God). A year later, it has been called to join Lighthouse Celeste Band as a keyboard player. Happily, he joined the band. Now, lead the way to the band (Lead Singer).

In 2011, Yvenson partnered with Yvener Antoine and founded a well-known company by the name of Gospamag.Inc, a legal multimedia (Videos, Photos, Web design, Live sound, Music Studio, etc.) company to the service of the world . January 1rst 2012, Gospamag was up and running until now Gospamag is doing good. Yvenson is a producer, arrange, songwriter, and so on.

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Married to Marie G. Dorsainvil in July 27th, 2012 and gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl by the name of Yvana G. Balde. God's Plan never fail, He is thankful for his family's support. Music is in his Blood, when it comes to singing for God's Glory he will never stop producing music. Through this journey, he has received many calls to the world. Still a Proud Member of Lighthouse Celeste Band, In June 30th 2014, he released his first solo album "I'm Brand New" that he encourages you to check out on all major websites around the world. Yvenson is always open and willing to Team up with other artists Band (Contact him at [email protected] gold (516) -537-8081). That's not it yet, and he will never stop singing the glory of God till his last day on this earth.

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