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Maestro Elmond unveils “Men nan men” in collaboration with several artists

Maestro Elmond, known for his musical cover of the song "O sekou papa" by the talented artist Lovenson Clerveau, has just unveiled a new...
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Wendy Nazaire's new single titled “Mwen deklare” will be released soon

Save this date, September 25, 2023 at 14 p.m.

, a Christian artist, , is about to release a titled “Mwen Deklare” with a video. The release date is scheduled for September 25 at 16 p.m. The song addresses the theme of faith and will be sung in Creole.

Wendy is already known for her previous singles, such as “Senyè Tande Kri Kèm” in with Oddy Etienne, released in 2017, “Lanmou ou Liberem” in 2019 and “Ou Se Bondye” in collaboration with Rodyoume Dieujuste, Released in 2021.

The artist specializes in and his powerful and inspiring voice touches the hearts of listeners. His latest single promises to be a true anthem of faith, carrying the message of love and .

Don't miss the release of by Wendy “Mwen Deklare” on September 25 at 16 p.m. Stay tuned to discover the video that will accompany this inspiring song.

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