10th June 2023

You have a problem !

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"Until when will I have worries in my soul?" »Psalm 13.3

Surprisingly, the word “problem” is not in the Bible; yet the Bible tells us the story of men and women who had a multitude of problems! First message, our problems are not a problem for God, he wants to take care of them; will you let him do it?

Your reflex of faith, will be not to leave power to your problem and bring it back to its true value.

You have a problem today, at home with a recalcitrant child; you have a problem at work with the colleague next door; you have a neighborhood problem you have a problem with your church! What do I know! What are you going to do ?

In Mandarin (the most widely spoken language in the world) the expression "I have a problem" does not exist. We use this one instead: “I have an opportunity to progress”! Someone who attends the church where I am a pastor and who is not Chinese often tells me when I come to talk to him about my little problems: "Pastor, there is no problem, only solutions"!

I'm not telling you to be blissfully optimistic about your problems, to practice the all too famous "Coué method" but to be realistic! Your problem will not kill you any more than the previous ones; you will triumph over it by faith in the Lord; your natural reflex is to worry, to worry, to talk about it around you and to proclaim the magnitude of your problem (always relative, moreover)! But your faith reflex is going to be not to give up power to your problem and to bring it back to its true value. Your God is greater than he; your faith will triumph over him again. You are not going to die, but you are going to live and see the good hand of your God rescue you once again!

Nobody likes to have problems, but consider them, like our Chinese friends, as a great opportunity to become stronger, better, to progress! Let God change your vision of your problems!

A prayer

Lord, it's in the name of Jesus I pray! I want to change my approach to my problems; stop moaning about my fate; but to decide to see my problems as a valid reason to progress. Amen.

Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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