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In an atmosphere full of fervor and praise, the Shekinah choir

 In an atmosphere full of fervor and praise, the Shekinah choir of the Parc Chrétien Free Methodist Church marked its 18th anniversary...
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Valeus Sisters Enchant Le Vilate with an Unforgettable Show…

Enchant Le Vilate with an Unforgettable Show

On Sunday October 22, 2023, the stage of Le Vilate witnessed an exceptional musical event, marked by the dazzling talent of the family group Valéus Sisters. Made up of sisters Youly and Youvalda, this duo offered the audience a breathtaking show during their very first signature sales concert, celebrating their first album entitled “Repères”.

This exceptional concert was also marked by the participation of talented artists from the sector Haitian. The singer Fre Debras jameson captivated the audience with his captivating voice, while rapper Fre Gabe offered a exceptional. The group Holy Music Haiti vibrated the stage with its contagious energy, creating an electric atmosphere in the room.

The event was enriched by major surprises, with the arrival on stage of unexpected artists. The duo Joy Clerf Derisier and Mike Lee Elminis dazzled the audience with their perfect harmony, while the talented rapper Pasteur showed the full extent of his art. Fr Luckson Zòn Pa Fè Moun presented his young prodigies, Mikelson Papouloute (nicknamed Black Diamond) and Delson, whose spectacular left the audience speechless.

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Let's not forget the essential contribution of DJ Sagesse, who ensured a warm musical atmosphere throughout the evening, creating the perfect environment for the audience to lose themselves in the music.

The Valéus sisters did not fail to recognize the indispensable support of their label, Inspiration Divine, led by rapper Gabriel Pierre Alan, also known as Fre Gabe. They also honored their father, a constant source of inspiration and a pillar in their artistic journey.

This concert will forever be remembered, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all those present. The Valéus Sisters have proven that they are not only exceptional artists, but also passionate storytellers, captivating their audiences with every note they play. Their remarkable and all the artists present made this evening an unforgettable moment, leaving all the spectators thirsty for more music, more emotion and more art.

This event will go down in the musical history of Le Vilate as a moment when the magic of music transcended barriers, uniting hearts and souls in an unparalleled musical experience. The Valéus Sisters have proven themselves to be rising stars in the music industry, and their future promises even more wonders for music lovers in Haiti and around the world.

CP: Wilner Morelis, Horat Nadine Metezier and Julispeter Julis
Editing: Peter Julis
Edited by: Peter Julis

Valéus Sisters Official

Source: Semence Média – Facebook page

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