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UNIDOS EN ALABANZA is the event that has attracted attention in the Dominican Republic.

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UNIDOS EN ALABANZA is the event that caught the attention of all Christians in the Dominican Republic.

Melomania Group in partnership with Média Levanjil presented this Saturday May 20 and Sunday May 21, 2023, a host of artists in concert at the Colegio Dominicano de Periodista and at Iglesia Tabernaculo Adoracion to unite their voices to worship God.

In an interview with the BGospel Magazine team, Jonathan Laguerre declared that since 2019, this activity has continued to grow. From “Haiti in Praise” to “UNIDOS EN ALABANZA”; this project tends to sell a positive image and enhance the music Haitian to the Dominican community. Despite the diplomatic and political difficulties encountered by these two countries, according to Jonathan, uniting artists Haitians and Dominicans is a necessity for the good of music.
Brother Gabe, , Spencer BRUTUS, Sugey HOLGUN, Cales LOUIMA, Barbara CASSAMAJOR sont entre autres ces artistes haïtiens et dominicains qui ont participé à ce prestigieux concert.

Kenny DORVILUS, one of this nation's revivalists in Jesus Christ.

The organizers of this festival promise in the next editions to have more Dominican artists in order to balance in this line Up. Indeed, even when the initiative is Haitian, this festival wants to be a reference for the music for both countries.

“We have great ambitions for this sector, because we serve a great God and we must achieve great things,” said Jonathan Laguerre. “Unfortunately, we in the community , we like to see beautiful things but we refuse to invest in our talents, we refuse to support the music and when a person takes the initiative to do so, we always find a negative explanation to denigrate this person” This must change, adds the co-organizer of the festival.

Louisane Brunot Charles, her story

Melomania Group as the main initiator declares that the next edition can be done with any media or institution that wishes to invest in the realization of this festival. This year it was with Média Levanjil, next year will probably be with another partner.


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