10th June 2023

A building collapses on the mega-church

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Nigeria / A building collapses on the mega-church of the controversial pastor TB Joshua!

The toll is heavy after the collapse of a building on the complex of an evangelical mega-church last Friday in Lagos. According to RFI, there would be at least 49 dead. A disaster that does not seem to move the pastor ...

The causes of the collapse are not yet certain, even if the investigators evoke a possible problem at the level of the foundations. The foundations had not been strengthened, while two more floors had been created on the site of the SCOAN Church, led by Temitope Baligun Joshua (TB Joshua), a controversial pastor-televangelist. Moreover, on the facebook page of his church, Pastor Joshua has taken into account the gravity of this disaster, contenting himself with a somewhat terse comment: "The few people who are on the scene are in the process of to be rescued.

April 29, 2023| Brooklyn | Gospel Festival 11th edition

RFI says this is the fourth time that buildings belonging to this multimillionaire pastor have experienced serious incidents. Indeed, the roof of one of his churches had been torn in a storm, another church was completely flooded and a third was literally collapsed.

Jeune Afrique magazine specifies that TB Joshua is “one of the most popular evangelical pastors on the continent and one of the 50 most influential Africans, according to our colleagues at The Africa Report. But he's not just recruiting from the desperate masses. Many politicians flock to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, mostly to solicit his predictions - one of the specialties of one who calls himself "the prophet." These are numerous and not always very precise, but a few have made him famous ”.

April 23, 2023 | Cap-Haitien | Blessed moment


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