5th June 2023

an Algerian declared insane for converting to Christianity

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Is converting to Christianity a disease? "Yes" for Masun's parents living in Algeria.

Although he has no symptoms of depressive disorder or mental illness, Masun (pseudonym), a young man living in northern Algeria, has been forced by his parents to seek treatment from a psychiatrist. The reason? His conversion to Christ.

Determined to stay Christian

"When my parents learned that I converted to Christ," he says, "they thought I had lost my mind. For them, one must be totally sick and crazy to leave Islam, the religion of the ancestors, and embrace the faith of the disbelievers. A young Christian in his twenties, Masun is determined to remain a Christian, despite his family's calls to "come to his senses".

April 23, 2023 | Cap-Haitien | Blessed moment

Forced to go see a psychiatrist

In front of his obstinacy, his parents took him by force to a psychiatrist. The doctor prescribed treatment for him: antidepressants to "heal" his conversion to Christ. His mother puts these drugs in his food. Unfortunately, the use of these antidepressants has caused several side and negative effects in Masun's life. He is weakened, his sleep is disturbed and he suffers from headaches.

The Gospel, a madness?

"We are praying a lot for him so his family will stop persecuting him and stop this treatment, which can be detrimental to his health," said Nabil, a committed Christian who closely follows Masun's situation. "We know that for unbelievers, the gospel may seem foolish. But that does not justify such persecution or baiting to become a Christian. And to add: "But for us who believe, the preaching of the cross is a power of God for our salvation."

March 24, 2023 | France | Full kompa Levanjil

source: porteouverte.fr

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