10th June 2023

Nature's Treasure - Thyme

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is originally from southern Europe. It was widely used by the Etruscans and the Egyptians who used it to embalm their dead. It was then also appreciated for its stimulating scent in the bath or in "eau-de-toilette". The Romans, too, were particularly fond of him. They filled their diapers with it to get better sleep. The custom which, even today, that a branch of thyme slipped into a pillow allows you to fall asleep, is directly inherited.

Since time immemorial, thyme is appreciated for its many medicinal virtues. Formerly used against hiccups and snake bites, it has been discovered over the centuries a long list of properties.

The essential oil of thyme is concentrated in phenol, especially thymol. These substances are powerful antiseptics and even antibiotics. Effective on sore throat, mouth ulcers, gingivitis and bad breath, they are also recognized as active in destroying viruses and bacteria in the atmosphere as well as infectious diseases. In infusion, thyme soothes diseases of the respiratory tract: bronchitis, colds, flu and asthma find rapid relief from the first sips.

thymeThyme also has appetizing virtues but, above all, it promotes digestion, helps to absorb foods containing a lot of iron and to fight against intestinal problems. It actually has a power against fatigue and anemia and it promotes blood circulation. In this case, it is in friction that its oil is the most beneficial.

In friction again, thyme also relieves pains of rheumatic origin and has a real antispasmodic power. Massages on the affected areas relieve tension and soothe muscle contractures. Finally, you can also use it as a toning beauty product. Its water tightens the pores of the skin, its infusion revitalizes the scalp and its oil tones the body.
Dried, it is one of the essential ingredients of the bouquet garni. It is then used in the preparation of stew, stews and any other simmered dish, as well as soups. It goes very well with garlic, olives and wine-based sauces. It gives an incomparable fragrance to vegetables, tomatoes, eggplant, as well as poultry, fish, game and lamb.

Thyme can be stored, when fresh, in a glass of water, or for up to a week sealed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Benefits: powerful antiseptics and antibiotics, appetizer, against hiccups, intestinal problems, snake bites, fatigue and anemia, soothes respiratory diseases: bronchitis, colds, flu and asthma, promotes blood circulation.

Sources: linternaute.com, payingante.com

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