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Taliana LINDOR, one of the female voices in the sector who has been talking about her since 2017

Taliana LINDOR, one of the female voices in the sector

Taliana has always been a leading a social career by developing a mixture of Jazz, blues and .

Designer, passionate about fashion, Taliana launched the brand “la collection de Lilie” in December 2017. 

On December 14, 2018, Taliana made her big comeback on stage by embodying love and joy to the general public through her voice, during her social concert. 

Altogether, between the single "BREATH SOU MWEN » in September 2019, its superb with Wiliadel DENERVIL at the Pap Jazz festival in January 2020 and her second single in April 2021 shot: "PA AFOLE", Taliana has not stopped talking about her.  

Taliana LINDOR also left his mark in his various presentations during the middle easter shows referred to as "Pre lakwa" for five years in a row.
In March 2023, Taliana recorded her vocals for BélO's cover album "Fanm Lakou Trankil".

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What about his contract with RMP?

" Your choice , nous a permis de signer un contrat avec toi parmi tant d'autre » tel a été les mots du producteur Roobens D'Or de RMP à Taliana LINDOR

Like many artists, notices a lack of structures in the sector Haitian.

Le 20 mars 2023, RMP record officially signing his contract with . The contract, for a period of one year, provides for a dry cleaning test, a video and an album which should be released in summer 2023.

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“Between fashion and , it's always an uphill battle," the. En effet, étant seule, il est difficile de gérer sa carrière musicale qui a subi plusieurs coups durs ces derniers temps. Elle estime que, grâce à sa nouvelle with RMP, she will have less work and will be able to better manage her time between the two jewels of her life.

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