10th June 2023

Stronger (Official Lyric Video) | Influence Music & Matt Gilman

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Official audio for "Stronger" by Influence Music & Matt Gilman
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Thank you for watching, sharing and being a part of our history. With love. - Music influence

Voice of many. Voice of One. // SØLI DEØ GLØRI ₳

No agenda
Division No.
Here we are
For you
No one higher
No one greater
Here we are
Oh savior
come move
come move

You make us stronger
You win every battle
God when you rise up
Scatter enemies
mighty defender
comforting father
You take our weakness
And you make us stronger
In your presence
Heart expectant
Here we are
For you
bind the darkness
Like you promised
Here we are
Oh savior
come move
come move

James Legenis - pwoblèm pa pwoblèm louwe (audio)


You take an inch
You make a mile
With nothing but ashes
You start a fire
Found as us captives
Rescued our hearts
Jesus, our victory
How great you are

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