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Spencer Brutus: a life aligned with divine purposes – revealing biography

Born on May 30, 1988, Spencer Brutus is from the commune of Pointe des Palmis, in the northwest of Haiti. He followed his classical studies in an American school in Port-de-Paix, where he learned English.

In 2004, he left for the to continue his studies. Under pressure from his father, who served as school principal and teacher, he had to return to Haiti during the holidays to take the Baccalaureate I and II exams.

In 2006, he moved to the United States permanently and attended medical school, which he was unable to complete due to health problems.

Passionate of , il a décidé de se consacrer entièrement à cette passion et est devenu directeur of his church, in addition to owning a recording studio.

This talented singer of the sector is also a science teacher at Menor High School. He is also a married man and father of children.

Beginnings in music

At the age of eight, Spencer Brutus became interested in and started taking piano lessons. Over time, he became a talented pianist and gained some fame. He also enjoyed composing music for other artists.

Charma GUILLAUME, one of the great talents of the evangelical sector.

Following a split within its qui a entrainé le départ de certains membres, il s'est investi davantage dans le ministère d'adoration en jouant du piano. C'est à ce moment-là qu'il a découvert ses talents de chanteur et a commencé à écrire des chansons inspirées et à se consacrer à la prière pour se rapprocher de Dieu.


In 2016, he released a track called “Lew pale”. In response to fan demand, a year later he released an album with the same title as the précédente. Sur ce , il a écrit des tubes tels que « Bondye pa janm pèdi batay » et « Touche m Segnè ».

In 2020, he charmed music lovers around the world with “ Active Pwisans or » ; this title ignited the repertoire of et a remporté le prix de la meilleure of the year.

He also collaborated with the Brother Gabe on a of Afro style entitled "Se Bondye ki fèl pou mwen".

After his accident, the a sorti deux autres chansons qu'il dit être inspirées de Dieu : « Glwa li pral eklate » et « Mwen reklamel" page (in French).

Jesus is the answer - Paul Olivier

In 2023, he participated as during the 40 days of led by the .

Spencer released “ Bondye after work » and he has also collaborated with several other artists such as: Alleluia Worship and .

Spencer Brutus, worshiper or artist?

Spencer Brutus considers himself more of a than as a . Indeed, he considers that the term “ » is increasingly associated with ego and superiority.

Consequently, he does not see himself in this way, because he places himself above all in an attitude of grace. For him, his main goal is to worship God and edify his people through spiritual songs.

"To be a or an , there is a price to pay. This is the price of kneeling in prayer to ask for mercy from to receive the revelation of the songs he is to sing," said the lors de son entrevue avec le magazine BGospel.

He is more interested in seeing souls edified through his compositions than to be looking for tens of thousands of views on social networks. A transformed soul is much more important to God.

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