Gospel musicCreole musicSouf pou Ayiti - Kolabo - Beethoven Chenet & friends (video)

Souf pou Ayiti – Kolabo – Beethoven Chenet & friends (video)

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Souf pou Ayiti – Kolabo – Beethoven Chenet & friends (video)

Following the international march organized by last July, the Haitian , helped by , Jessie Thamar Sauld, , Alliette Donistin, Joel Leon, Blondina Delien, Patrice Jasmin, Fabienne Morose, Marc Harry Joseph, Rosalinda Esmanga, Jean Dathus, , , David Pierre Louis, Benito Joseph, et Jpolo, unveiled a new social for Haiti.

This unique artistic expression has given rise to an inspiring musical composition, which aims to convey a d' and unity through . , known for his and his artistic sensitivity, was able to capture the essence of the international march and express the aspirations of an entire people.

July 23, 2023 | Gospel Glory in concert

La social, which was created during this exceptional event, aims to raise awareness among the Haitian population of the daily challenges they face. By using catchy and catchy melodies, the objective is to broadcast a positive and promote unity, and resilience.

The different artists who participated in this composition made their own contribution to the collective work, thus adding a variety of styles and influences to the final. Together, they have created a rich and diverse production that reflects the cultural diversity of Haiti.

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This new is a reflection of the commitment of and its collaborators towards their country and their desire to contribute to its reconstruction and prosperity. They hope this work will inspire Haitians to continue fighting for a better future, despite the challenges they face.



Source: Youtube link of the video

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Souf pou Ayiti – Kolabo – Beethoven Chenet & friends (video)

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