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Softaya – His Power Army (Official music video)

My music video titled “His Might Army” is a powerful statement of faith and towards the divine mission of Evangelization. Through this song, I raise my voice to powerfully proclaim that my purpose on earth is to lead nations to become followers of God, no matter what obstacles stand in my way.

At the heart of the song, I express my trust in God, knowing that after the battle, the Lord will heal my wounds. This spiritual assurance gives me deep peace, knowing that my faith and determination are supported by divine power.

I invite you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to join this army of spiritual power to spread the word of God and inspire the world to follow the path of faith. This song is a source of inspiration and spiritual uplift, and it leaves a deep imprint in the hearts of those who listen to it.

Author, composer: Softaya
Arranger: Manou Beat
Producer: Softaya_music
Label: Softaya_music
Music video director: Sublime Production
Makeup: Assounta
Hair: Sano Braids
Location: Toulouse, France

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I have the strength and courage that come to me from the Holy Spirit
And I will never be afraid of anything that comes to me
Unshakeable, I am the soldier's daughter
And my mission is to make the nations his disciples
He inspires me every day, sing any style in his name
Make his disciples the nations, make his disciples the nations
Making disciples of the nations
Lord, I am here, make me your star.
I will be part of your army give me the strength I need
I will shine brightly to speak of your power
To speak of your power, to speak of your power
He inspires me every day to sing in all style in his name
Making disciples of the nations
Holy Spirit descends come and restore my soul oh ah!
Holy Spirit descends eh
Come and cure all my pain ah
Holy spirit comes down eh, comes down oh
Come down eh, bring down your power oh, come down eh, come down eh eh eh ouh ouh Ouh ouh ouh
Holy spirit descends eh!!!!

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