8th June 2023

Sinach named best Christian songwriter for twelve consecutive weeks

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Integrity Music is proud to announce that Nigerian songwriter/artist Sinach is the top Christian songwriter in the industry. Holding the No. 1 spot for twelve straight weeks, the news comes according to Billboard's weekly charts which name the week's top songwriters and producers.

Sinach, whose full name is Osinachi Okoro, is the only woman to hold that No. 1 spot. .

From singing in churches around the world to the many versions recorded by many of today's top artists, “Way Maker” has had a global impact in truly unprecedented ways. Over 60 artists covered the song, including Leeland, Michael W. Smith - whose version went to No.1 on radio, Mandisa, Bethel, Passion (feat. Kristian Stanfill, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes), Miranda Curtis , American Idol contestants Genevieve Linkowski and David Archuletta, and more recently Revere with Darlene Zschech and William McDowell.

As of press time, the music video for “Sin Maker” by Sinach has over 151 million views (video below), while Leeland's version has received over 67 million streams and the video has over 27 million views. “Way Maker” has also been adopted as a modern worship standard within the world church, climbing into the top four in the CCLI's US rankings.

Sylvio Milfort - Feel bless (video)


“Way Maker” has also become an anthem in recent weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many hospitals have played the song from their rooftops to the parking lots, taking a few moments to pray for those affected by the virus as well as to honor those who are working tirelessly on the front lines to fight this pandemic. And just this weekend, the song was sung by thousands of people who took to the streets of Minneapolis, MN during a protest march to honor the life of George Floyd and fight racism.

“For years we have aspired to see the songs of other nations have a meaningful impact on the global church,” shares Jonathan Brown, president of Integrity Music. “Way Maker has accomplished more than our wildest dreams. It is our great joy to celebrate the accomplishment of this powerful artist. Cheer, Sinach!

Jean Dieunel Reroncelay - Lamantasyon Ayiti (video)

A new version of "Way Maker" is now available from Revere and edited by William McDowell and Darlene Zschech. Their live video will debut later today on YouTube starting at 19:00 PM. They recently shared, 'We sang it and we heard it in different versions, but the best kept secret of' Way Maker 'is that he was born in Nigeria. Our hope with the Revere version is to gently help move the church away from a production culture where the emphasis can mistakenly turn into a love of worship, to a reverential culture where the emphasis is, clearly and firmly. , a love for Christ. " 

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