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Rosena Josselin Orys – Interview

For this edition of the section "Interview", we received the Orys who released his latest single “ Viktwa mwen in December 2022.


was born on April 27, 1992 in a chrétienne. Elle est passionnée de musique depuis toute petite. Elle a lancé sa carrière solo en 2016. Elle a été nominée dans la catégorie « révélation de l'année en 2016″ et  » of the year in 2017″ for the Alleluia FM prize. She released her first solo album in 2019. She married Penter Orys in 2020. In 2021 she was nominated “  female of the year” for the Alleluia FM prize, and in 2022 Rosena releases her new single “ Viktwa mwen" page (in French).

What inspired the title of this new single?

L' revealed that this was written following a great experience lived with God during the year 2022.

The powerful voice of Bondye fè'l considers this song as a and also wants to encourage people to believe in the fidelity of this great God.

What message do you hope to convey with this single?

“When you are going through a difficult time, there are 3 behaviors a Christian should adopt:

  1. Declare Victory by Faith in .
  2. Pray in the same spirit of victory.
  3. Anticipating victory in the , with songs and thanksgiving. said Rosena.
Finette Pierre Luc implore God's favor for Haiti.

L' of " Bondye fel recommends to anyone who is going through a difficult time to keep the Faith that God has already given them the victory, to keep a firm, unshakable Faith and to cling to its victory.

What can fans expect for 2023?

L' plans several participations in , new songs for the edification of the servants and servants of God.

Rosena has confirmed new collaborations for upcoming new vocals but doesn't want to reveal the names just yet.

Wanting to achieve its objective which is to reach all through music which remains a universal language, the of " mwen pap shakes promises a song in English.

Sister Rosena urges every Christian to remain vigilant, to keep the focus on , to listen to the voice of God who speaks to them, and thus we will walk from victory to victory for this year 2023.

Heavenly Harmony - amonize'n (video)

Here are 5 things you should know about Rosena Josselin Orys.

She is a , , a pastor, a woman entrepreneur and a servant of God.

L' of " Viktwa mwen to a great capacity for improvisation, she often finds her inspirations while she is recording in the studio.

The powerful voice of Bondye fè'l is not always the one who writes her , but she brings her signature to each piece of music.

Rosena does not play any other instrument, other than her superb voice.

Orys says she considers her voice as a Gift from God and admits, sometimes, to being surprised by the way that the Holy inspires him to use it.


8January 2023 || Orys was featured in the TOP 10 from bGospel magazine with the title: “ Viktwa mwen" page (in French).

1January 2023 || Orys was featured in the TOP 10 from bGospel magazine with the title: “ Viktwa mwen" page (in French).

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