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A Look At The 2nd Edition Of Singer Francette Obel Noël’s Annual Concert

The “Rock Apostolic Chruch”, located in Spring Valley and led by Pastor Jean Claude Dorcelly, hosted the second edition of the annual concert...
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Roobens D'or keeps pace and keeps its promises! – Koze Kretyen

Indeed, the artist wants to maintain the same dynamism and is planning no less than two new music videos by the end of this year. The medium-term objective being the official presentation of an EP by the first months of 2023. Beyond the prospects, certain concrete arrangements have already been taken for the materialization of these projects. For the artist, all the elements come together to keep the promises made to the public.

Evolving in the United States since 2006, Roobens D'or has found the right formula to continue living his passion for music by pursuing his career and remaining connected with his audience but especially with most of the community's stakeholders. in Haiti. Because, despite his total integration into the Haitian diaspora in the United States, most of his works bear the mark of old or new local collaborators. A founding member of the group YES (Yon Enstriman Sen), he was even invited to participate on the group's latest opus, a gesture which testifies to his attachment to his original community.

More than ever, the artist is determined to take on new challenges. The diversity of styles that he displays through his musical choices as well as the subjects that he addresses in his texts allow us to discover, each day a little more, the full range of his originality.

Furthermore, Roobens D'or remains open to projects in . His latest album “Gras ou Sifi” released in 2020 and on which we find several voices from the industry, is proof of this. His next title will also feature one of the most promising voices in the field, that of the singer Auralie Antoine whom we will discover in a completely different register. The video clip for this bilingual track titled “Joy” will be produced by “Mediastistic Studio” and should be available in the coming weeks, the artist told us.

While waiting for the rest, the native of Carrefour keeps the rhythm and intends to thrill us this summer in a register that we can't wait to discover.


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