5th June 2023



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Romy Laguerre

I Romy Laguerre, I was born in a Christian family and a musical family, I have a very long career in music, it is my passion, my inspiration and my life, therefore, I will explain to you my beginning and how I move currently.

First, I started singing at the age of 5 years in church, for several years I joined several groups and choirs with whom I was mature and many people saw me a great talent and a big star.

In 2001 I left completely amateur groups to integrate professional groups, arrives at this level I must learn the techniques of the voice and the notions of solfèges. It was with the group Rapha of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Pétion Ville, Rapha is a group in capela and with this group I made a lot of success through telemax contests called "ticket max" AND "konkou sings nwel "In 2002 I joined the great Tecknon vox choir of Pétion Ville, of which I am still a member, and I became a real professional with this choir.

In the latter, I met some great singers like Pierre Stephie and Jean Louis Enock to name just that. In 2004 I participated in "Konkou sings nwel" with the group Rapha, in 2005, I integrated "Ayiti on stage" which presented star mania a great musical that was played around the world and it was for me a bet wins to participate in this musical. With Ayiti on stage I had the opportunity to develop in addition to my singing talent but also that of actor and dancer. What a challenge!

Jean Dieunel Reroncelay - Lamantasyon Ayiti (video)

I played star mania in the capital as in the provinces for example jacmel in a film festival jacmel, in the capital we played star mania at the historical park sugar cane. in addition to 2006 I participated as a star max artist of which I was a finalist and I was in 8eme position very beautiful experience and during those years I participated in several albums of other singing friends who invited me.

In 2008 I represented Ayiti in Montreal with Ayiti on stage we presented star mania and I had the chance to meet Luc Plamondon, it was an extraordinary experience and since then I become an international singer.

In 2009 I went to the Dominican Republic with the big choir Tecknon vox, and in 2010 from the beginning of this year the country was hit by a terrible earthquake and I narrowly escaped. In the same year I joined a new band under the baton of Martin Luther Jules.

Heavenly Harmony - amonize'n (video)

This group was called "Cad" which means cooperation of the artists for the development, I participated in a contest organized by the BRH (Bank of the Republic of Haiti) with the group Cad for the reconstruction of the country after the earthquake, we were in second place in this contest.

In 2012, I made my first Evangelical album entitled " Jezi ou se tout", and a video clip in 2013, I also shot in other videos with the great choir Tecknon Vox from Pétion-Ville, the singer Palmyre Séraphin, singer and producer Dixon Guillaume, singer Delly Benson and with other singing friends. I also participated in the production of the second album of the Teknon Vox choir. I participated in many concerts organized both in the capital and in the provincial towns with Radio Alléluia FM98.9 and others.

Currently I do not chime I prepare my second album to be released soon, and see that the best is yet to come.

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