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Rigaud Dessources, history and promise.

Between these grand prizes and these prestigious concerts, the adorer Rigaud Dessources circumvents the international in a promise.

continues to stand out in the middle Haitian, particularly in activities such as weddings, et les réveils, car son nom est l'une de plusieurs affiches à l'échelle internationale. Conçu d'une famille chrétienne, ce dernier-né a vu le jour un 7 juin et a grandi au milieu des chants d'adoration qu'il retenait par la suite.

Rigaud Grand Prix

Between 1997 and 1998, he often accompanied his brother to attend rehearsals of the group "Adonaï de which he integrated and became the lead vocalist soon after. Man of contests, this talented took part in ticket academic magazine and telemax in 2005 and 2006, where he was sixth out of more than 500 competitors.

In 2007, he represented Haiti in a competition titled “World ShampionShip of Performing Arts” in Hollywood, California and won two medals (silver and bronze). Crowned champion of an inter-church competition organized by youth associations in in 2018, Dessources also participated in a competition in honor of mothers in 2020 at the Lycée National de where he was a student from an early age.

Jerry Alcindor ft brother Robenson - Jezi se zanmim (audio)

The promise

Rigaud a eu des heures difficiles pendant le tremblement de terre du 12 janvier 2010 qui a détruit la capitale d'Haïti. Il a fait une à Dieu en disant : « senyè sove m non ma mache chante pou ou tout Kote ». Après cinq heures passées sous les décombres à Morne-Lazare. L' s'est engagé à respecter sa .

His career

he went to in 2012 and spent those first five years as in one of the largest churches in Brooklyn (NY). For some time, the still organizes its annual concert in Haiti and the every year.

“Ou fè saw vle”, “To worship and praise with (1) and (2)" and "Li vivan" are the titles of the two studio albums and two worship albums which are archived in the repertoire of the.

Celigny Dathus, the jewel that hides behind the interpretations of the texts of the song of hope.

German de Rigaud, which are scheduled for 2023, arouse everyone's curiosity and satisfaction. Claude Aurélien, one of the icons of the artistic milieu, after having attended his concert on June 24, qualified this event: "The best concert of the Year".

Afin d'honorer sa envers Dieu, où il avait demandé de le sauver sous les décombres pour qu'il puisse en retour lui rendre gloire partout, l' decided to organize a big tour in several cities and countries.

Ce , baptisé “I praise and dance like David” Tour, a démarré ce 24 juin dernier. Les dates à retenir sont les suivantes : 12 août à , September 3 in Maryland, September 10 in São Paulo Brazil, October 7 in Long Island New York and in March 2024 in .

also announced that his next album will be available shortly for the edification of Christians.

Interview: jubau
Editor: Sifra Oscare

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