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Evaluation of “Ou vo plis pou mwen” sung by Gérald Cius

Le from BGospel magazine evaluated the music of Pastor Gerald Cius “Ou vo plis pou mwen”.


“Ou vo plis pou mwen” is worship music which, according to the text, describes a personal experience, an experience with God. In this text, God is presented as a protective God and a repairing God.

The orchestration is simple. The music and the voices have good synchronization. Cheer !

The mixing and harmonization of the backing vocalists are well done. The melody is original.

Some participants in the video, especially the choristers, had an exemplary attitude.

The committee's comments concern the video, the lead singer and one instrument, particularly the bass.


The lighting of the video is insufficient, which affects the visual quality. Certain essential elements seem to have been neglected or discarded at the time of filming. For example, appropriate make-up, sets and dress code.

The quantity of extras relative to the size of the stage certainly affected the quality of the video, especially the arrangement of the musicians.

Pastor Gérald Cius has demonstrated his ability as a lead singer, but he needs to work to overcome his technical weaknesses in his voice.

The bass was sometimes too present and too artificial, which still negatively affected the pleasant side of the music.


Depending on the format chosen to make the video, it is essential to respect the appropriate standards.

The number of figures must be chosen according to several key parameters, such as the genre of music, the scenario, the size of the room, the lighting, the message to be transmitted, the skill of the actors to transmit the message, etc.

We will never insist enough on this essential point, a video is above all a means of, it is an offering to God, a product that glorifies God.

We encourage Pastor Gerald Cius to strengthen his vocal techniques, to be careful with the choice of extras, and certainly to prioritize image quality as much as possible.

Authors of the evaluation

Samuel Cedme
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
Reginald Joseph

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Samuel Cedme Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus Reginald JosephEvaluation of "Ou vo plis pou mwen" sung by Gérald Cius
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