31th May 2023

Sitting in the office can be detrimental to health

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According to a study presented last week at the British Psychological Society's Annual Occupational Conference in Chester, England, the longer you sit, the more likely you are to increase your body mass index and affect your psychological health.

As part of this study, researchers surveyed more than 1.000 employees, nearly 70% of whom did not follow recommendations for daily physical activity. The study also shows that the longer you sit at the desk, the more likely you are to continue to sit in your spare time, and the more you expose yourself to health problems and stress.

According to the British Psychological Society, respondents spend an average of five hours and forty-one minutes per day sitting at the desk, for eight hours of sleep per night, which is too much time per day spent sitting. according to the researchers.

Dr Myanna Duncan of Loughborough University (UK), who conducted the work, told the BBC last week that she believes this is because employees 'just forget' to get up. .

“People don't need a psychologist to tell them to get up and walk around a bit,” she explains in a press release. “But if it helps, I would tell them to stick a Post-it on their computer to remind them. Get up and talk to your coworkers in person, it's much more social and better for you than emailing them ”.

This new study adds to the abundant scientific literature on the subject that shows that sitting too long can lead to a host of health problems including obesity and diabetes. These problems are magnified if you spend too much time in front of the TV or in transport in your free time. One of the studies on the subject shows, for example, that people who spend two hours a day in front of the station see their risk of heart disease double.


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