10th June 2023

Haiti | "Rescape of the world of darkness", a former mystic master tells

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Johnny Joseph was part of a powerful mystical circle and was involved in high magic. The Lord Jesus delivered him from it and, through his book “Survivor of the world of darkness”, he says he testifies today to the marvels of God in his life. Here he tells how Jesus-Christ “brought him out of the world of darkness into marvelous light”.

In "Survivor of the World of Darkness", the former mystical master now converted to Christianity Johnny Joseph shows how "the whole world is under the power of the Evil One". “Some believe that magic only has power over those who believe in it. It's wrong. The whole world is under the power of the evil one (1 John 5:19). It's necessary believe en JesusChrist to be spared,” Johnny Joseph says in his book, inviting his readers to repent and surrender their lives totally to Christ.


Brother Joseph also demonstrates through this book how “Satan is a coward and a liar”. “The devil had promised to heal my sick son; however, not only was he unable to do so but when Jesus healed this child, the devil tried to kill my son because he represented a living reproach for him and revealed his impotence”, says Brother Joseph in his book.

Johnny Joseph is a former officer of the Haitian National Police, from the first class of the PNH formed in Canada. He was born in Haiti, in Port-au-Prince, and grew up in a Christian family. "I can say I was a role model for the other kids in the neighborhood. I was a good student and I went to church regularly on Sundays. " However, while he was in the police force, he was going to take a different path from the one his parents had drawn for him. He was going to plunge into the heart of the dark world and practice high magic.

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"Advised by friends, I joined an occult circle called" Cassis ", a mystical circle that includes senior officials of the state. I especially wanted to protect myself, because everyone knows that a job in the police or in a public office is delicate being of a political nature. Moreover, it was rumored at the time that police officers trained in Canada were Aristide's favorites. We were powerful, we were feared, and people gave us power that we did not even have. So for all these reasons, we had to protect ourselves, "he explains.

Within a few years, Johnny went from profane to insider status and would gain great powers in the mystical world. However, he says that his powers had not been able to pull him out of certain delicate situations and that he had only been saved when he mentioned the name of Jesus. After Aristide's departure in February 2004, the former police officer had a run-in with opponents of the former president who wanted to put a bad spell on him at the Champ de Mars.

Johnny Joseph then tried to use a powerful amulet he had on him to "fly like a bird", but without success. He was still facing a menacing crowd. This amulet, a handkerchief, had however marched for a high dignitary of the State who, in 2003, had been strafed in his car and the noise was already running that he was dead. However he was unscathed from the attack. This man is currently a senator of the Republic.

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"I think the Lord did not allow things to work for me because he had a plan for my life and he wanted me to testify to his glory," he says. However, what would bring the old mystic master to conversion is the illness of his eldest son who suffered from kidney failure of unknown origin. Medicine could not do much, Johnny tried to achieve results through magic, but wasted no time. The child was dying.

Having exhausted all his mystical and financial resources, Johnny had resigned himself to relying on Jesus. He writes that after making a prayer confessing his sins and dedicating his life to Christ, he saw light come out of the darkness. Which was the start of a new life for Johnny Joseph and the miraculous recovery of his son.

"I don't know what would have happened to me and my son if the Lord Jesus intervened to save our lives. Here is my testimony. I am crazy about this God, I will not stop witnessing his glory, ”says an enthusiastic Johnny Joseph.

Brother Joseph concludes the book by asserting that only the Lord grants protection. “When I was in the police I sought to protect myself because I feared for my safety. And this fear had led me to occultism, magic. I spent large sums to obtain so-called protection when only the name of Jesus saves and he saves gratuitously”.
"Rescap of the Dark World" is published by GEM Publishing in Miami in April 2014.


source: hpnhaiti.com

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Louisane Brunot Charles, her story

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