Answer-Poll: Is there a difference between a Christian artist and a psalmist?

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In our survey section, we have launched a survey around a relevant question concerning the Christian artistic milieu. Is there a difference between a Christian artist and a psalmist?

Following the responses of the respondents, 67.56% answered affirmatively and 32.44% clicked on the "no" button.

In reality, what is an artist, and what is a psalmist? What does the Bible say about these expressions we often use?

To answer this question, we spoke with the prophet , who willingly agrees to bring us a spiritual look at the question.

What defines an artist?

According to Wikipedia, "Artist means any person who creates or participates through his interpretation in the creation or recreation of works of art, who considers his artistic creation as an essential element of his life, who thus contributes to the development of art and culture,…” (source Wikipedia)

What defines a psalmist?

Apart from the definition and origin of this word. Kenny Dorvilus explains to us that, when a person calls himself a psalmist, it is a person who elevates the name of God. Who has an intense prayer life, and who prioritizes divine inspiration that glorifies God.

Inspiration, what source for what result?

Music is spiritual, it is a powerful weapon. Songwriters are inevitably inspired. The big question is? By whom or what? And, for what purpose or objective?

Tami Haiti - mwen resevwa l (video and lyrics)

A hymn that has become popular is not necessarily a hymn inspired by the of God. Music with a popular style can easily capture attention without the lyrics being uplifting.

Remember that the Psalmist is a person who lifts up the name of God. yet some artists produce to satisfy emotions, interests, the self and not to transform lives by uplifting God.

These hymns which are not inspired by the holy spirit are likely to lead men to artists and not to God. In 1 Corinthians 10:31 it says: “…whether you do anything else, do everything to .

According to the observations of the prophet Kenny, the initiators of this revival in Haiti, the psalmists James SmithAlcindor et Delly Benson have impacted the Protestant musical world through the content and form of their text.

Music inspired by has unmeasurable power in present and future time. It elevates God, it changes the atmosphere, it transforms lives, it naturally drives away thoughts of suicide or other problems.

The importance of responsibility and vision in your artistic career

Is there a difference between artist and psalmist?

The Prophet Kenny asserted that in the ministry of God there is a great difference between an artist and a psalmist, for the artist brings about sensation and emotion while the psalmist brings transformation of lives. To be a psalmist is a divine calling.

A psalmist must know that singing is an art and training around this call is an obligation in order to banish mediocrity. A psalmist with the required skills is also an artist.

As advice, invites evangelical artists to remember that they are above all with a very specific reason for being, “Glorifying God”. Even if you are not called to be a psalmist, your mission is to glorify God.

Vous pouvez être un artiste et ne pas être un auteur. Une musique spirituelle doit porter l'atmosphère de Dieu. L'inspiration doit puiser sa source dans le . Pour que cela arrive, le meilleur moyen, c'est de chercher le Seigneur dans la prière et le jeûne afin de trouver des inspirations divines.

Being a psalmist comes with some additional spiritual requirements. Before calling yourself a psalmist, make sure you meet the necessary spiritual conditions, and according to the call of God in your life.


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