30th May 2023

When you stop maturing, you start to die - Bruno Picard

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22 Proverbs: 4 [VDP]: "He who recognizes himself as little one respects the Lord. He becomes rich, honored and lives a long time. "

A marriage cannot stay static and unchanged, or it gets better, or it gets worse, BUT it doesn't stay STATIC or still… If you don't grow together, you move away from one of the other. The key is to Grow TOGETHER.

Some have different careers and gradually move away, we have to grow together… Many say: “He's not the same man I married anymore…” yes, but you too… Nobody stays the same, we all change !

So we must all prepare for change!
The seasons of life… the crises of life that affect everyone… The house becomes like an empty nest when the children leave the house… For some it is a crisis, for others it is a joy! Retirement… The crisis of age, all of a sudden, the dad wants to buy a Harley Davidson, a leather jacket, make a color… Menopause and mom arrives with BLUE hair! You can do whatever you want ... but your body changes ... It's inevitable! Don't go crazy because of this ...
So what are you going to do, what will you decide to build?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, a subject of Glory for Christians

When you face the change, you have 4 choice:

1 / You reject it, you deny the facts… "I'm not getting old, I don't want to accept it…"

2 / You can resist… but not stop it.

3 / You can be outraged, upset… and the change makes you bitter, or better.

4 / You can take advantage of the change, learn from each season, and help generations to come.

Enjoy the change and the seasons. Do not want to live again in your past. Enjoy the moments of your life. God wants to use your marriage for His glory and your benefit. Be mature and grow up with your partner.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, a subject of Glory for Christians

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