8th June 2023

Transgender priest at Washington Cathedral

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Video / The first preaching of a transgender priest at Washington Cathedral

Nothing surprises us in the Episcopal Church (Anglican). After congratulating himself on having appointed the first homosexual Bishop (Gene Robinson), this apostate church rejoices ...

…for allowing the first transgender priest to preach the Gospel – uh pardon… to preach about discrimination against homosexuals and transgender people – in Washington Cathedral. And this wonderful sermon was given during a great evangelistic campaign - uh pardon…during LGBT Pride Month - an event organized by the church.

40-year-old Cameron Partrige is a former woman transformed into a man, married to a woman and father of two children… And this is what we call "progress"!

April 22, 2023 | philadelphia | Claude Aurelien New Album

For the record Fact-Religious says: “The Reverend Cameron Partridge was first called Katherine. While studying at Bryn Mawr College, a very selective American university reserved for women, Katherine comes out and declares herself a lesbian. She only begins the slow process of change sex only after completing his doctorate in theology at Harvard. Her partner at the time decided to support her in this process. Both now live as an average couple with their two children in the suburbs of Boston.

Following this religious ceremony in which Christ was the great absent, the Dean of the Cathedral - Reverend Gary Hall - said he hoped that Pastor Cartridge's appearance would "send a symbolic message for more equality in favor of transgender community ".

April 09, 2023 | haiti | Praise and Worship by Aniel Fils

2000 years ago, a certain Jesus dreamed of the salvation of souls, the deliverance of captives and the making of disciples in all nations… today the Episcopalian Church hopes to help transgender people. Find the mistake…

Source: actualitechretienne


Definition of transgender with Wikipedia
A trans (transgender) man feels and identifies with a man despite being born with female sex organs. A trans (transgender) woman feels and identifies with a woman despite being born with male sexual organs.

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