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Control your girlfriend's sexual urges. Also learn to say, “No”!

How strong and noble is the young boy who knows his share of responsibility in controlling his girlfriend's sexual urges!...
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Why can't I find anyone who suits me?

Why can't I find anyone who suits me?

If you've been single for a long time, you've probably asked yourself this question. You don't like being single and that's normal. You're probably wondering why you can't find the right person for you!

Whether you're coming out of a long relationship, or whether you've had setbacks after setbacks, it's time to sit down and analyze your situation, because continuing on the same path won't get you anywhere, or at least nothing new ! You are afraid of not being in a relationship and being alone, this is called anuptaphobia. In other words, the fear of remaining single.

The pressure to find a partner is one of the most understandable things in the world we live in: everything is orchestrated to incite your desire to find a partner and have children. So, traditionally, success has always been associated in some way with finding a partner and having a child or children with them.

Although some people do not feel this need, they can develop it: when we reach a certain age, leisure is reduced in a way…

Author Karel-yohanna LARA

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