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Peterson Pierre, assessments and recommendations of “Yon sèl mo sifi”

The latest single “Yon sèl mo sifi” by Peterson Pierre was evaluated by the CCA of BGospel Magazine


In his recent song, continues its tradition of collaborations by adopting a mutually beneficial approach. This time, the artist joins forces with , a respected worshiper of note. And the fruit of this union is a pleasant melody that will appeal to fans.

et manage to convey the message very clearly. This partnership allows Peterson Pierre to expand its audience and reach new fans.

Overall, this is a success both from an artistic and strategic point of view. Well done !


« Yon sèl mo sifi“According to the evaluation committee, the text of the video is a bit cliché. In addition, there are not enough images and the scenario presented is not very convincing. Visual images play a vital role in communicating with the public.

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The video reveals a disagreement between the text and the video which can create a certain confusion or give rise to a lack of interest on the part of the spectators.

In conclusion, the criticisms formulated by the evaluation committee highlight the weaknesses of the video, in particular a text that is not very cliché, a stage expression of the artists largely at odds with the video, a lack of images and an unconvincing storyline.


After conducting more than 25 evaluations throughout the year, one observation undoubtedly emerges: the predominant weak point in the field lies in the production of music videos. Thus, it is crucial to give greater importance to this aspect in order to engage and fascinate our audience.

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It is essential that the performances of the actors are in line with the message conveyed by the video. A stage expression, unconvincing or in the wrong setting, can reduce the expected emotional impact.

An unconvincing scenario risks reducing the viewers and make them quickly lose interest in the video.

Our worship goes to a God who embodies excellence. It is essential to aim for excellence and draw inspiration from the best. In addition, on YouTube or Vimeo there are high-quality videos that can serve as a reference. Don’t hesitate to get inspired, ask for advice and take the time necessary to achieve your goals.

By applying these , it is possible to significantly improve the production of music videos and raise the level of quality in the sector.

Authors of the evaluation

Pastor Davidson Beauvil
Samuel Cedme
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus

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Pastor Davidson Beauvil Samuel Cedmé Lionel Marcellus, Platform PlusPeterson Pierre, assessments and recommendations of “Yon sèl mo sifi”
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