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Pastor Gersan and his spouse Betty Valcin

Gersan and Betty Valcin

Gersan grew up in Limbé, Haiti and accepted the Lord at age 9. His family moved to Canada, but at a church conference in New York in 1986, Gersan met his wife Betty. Betty is also from Haiti, born again as a teenager. Gersan and Betty were married in 1989 in Canada.

Gersan graduated from Bethel Bible Institute and worked as a young pastor in Quebec for two years. Valcin's then moved to Texas where Gersan attended Dallas Theological Seminary and obtained his ThM in 1995.

In 1997, Valcin's and their two daughters, Elizabeth and Deborah, answered God's call to return to ministry in Haiti.

Their early ministry focused on evangelism, church planting and discipleship.

By the end of this season of their lives in 2003, Gersan and Betty had planted 72 churches throughout the country of Haiti. That same year, they felt a new call from the Lord and Gersan accepted the position of senior pastor at the Evangelical Community Church of Haiti located in Port-au-Prince.

From 1999 to 2010, Betty also served as AWANA's National Coordinator for Haiti.

Valcin's saw the opportunity to purchase a property in the village called Ti Guinee, which is in northern Haiti just 8 km from Gersan's childhood home.

In 2007 Valcin's officially established its camping ministry called Jacob's Well. Their goal was to share the power and truth of the gospel, to see people born again and disciplined in their faith. This included strategic children's ministry so that a new generation would be raised to be powerful believer leaders in the midst of the strongest voodoo zone in northern Haiti.

Valcin's also planted a church in Jacobs Well called Jacob's Evangelical Vision church. Working with U.S. partners and short-term mission teams, Jacob's Well also provided a medical ministry, a sports ministry, sanitary latrines, clean water, and reconstruction of village houses in the area and the inhabitants of Ti Guinee.

In 2012-2013, God opened the door to a whole new area of ​​ministry which included the establishment of a Christian radio station SKY FM 98.7 and a Christian TV station, TELESYEL-LA - Channel 10 both broadcasting from Jacob's Well! These media ministries have enabled the gospel to be shared with approximately ½ million people in 5 cities.

Written By: The headquarters of the US department of Valcin is located in Austin, Texas.

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