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Pasteur Gérald Cius: when art and social action meet

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Pastor Gérald Cius, assistant pastor of the Church of God Maison de Refuge in Delmas 52, is a Christian who uses and its music videos to convey inspired messages from God. With three and two music videos, he strives to touch the hearts and minds of his listeners. The titles of his creations are: "Mwen PAP fe bak", " Ak Jezi nou an viktwa " and " Or your folds for Mwen ».

Pastor Gerald Cius - Ou vo plis pou mwen (video)

At the start of 2023, Pastor Gérald received a of God, encouraging him to carry out two missions according to Matthew 25. Convinced that actions have a louder than words, he was committed to social action and evangelization through action. In March, he visited the sick, bringing some comfort and to those who needed it.

On August 27, as a sign of obedience to the voice of God, the Gerald Cius, accompanied by several members of his ministry, decided to l' with the inmates by cooking and serving a good hot meal to the inmates.

Pastor Gérald firmly believes that Christians must take action to manifest the. He believes that words alone are not enough, we must also act concretely to help those who need it. He argues that social involvement is key to spreading love and of God in the world.

Through and his actions, Pastor Gérald wants to inspire other Christians to become more socially involved. He strongly believes that stocks have a deeper than speeches and that evangelization through action is a powerful way to spread of the'.


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