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Palmyre Séraphyn, promises and big project

We met Palmyre after the release of the music video "The Lion and the Lamb", in order to find out what it has in store for us for the year 2023.

Palmyre is a woman active on several fronts, she is an entrepreneur, a mother, an artist and she often travels to respond to invitations. She chose to devote all of her time to ministry, despite her advanced studies in education, because she strongly believes in her mission as an artist. Already three albums to his credit. “Ou se Jehova” in 2014, “2e chance” in 2017, and “Chapter 3: Jou a rive” in 2022, In total, more than 35 music in Creole and French.

She still remembers.

The artist told us that she still remembers 2014, when she returned to Haiti, thanks to her music, she did not expect so many good times. Also in Ottawa in 2017, but the best memory of her career was in 2014. She thanked blessed productions and Karl Foster for their contribution to her career.

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Latest Album, promise of 10 music videos for 2023.

After the release of her latest album “2ᵉ chance”, Palmyre made a promise to her fans to produce 10 music videos, and she is working on it very diligently. 4 music videos are already available; "Yahweh", " the lion and the lamb"," Play on shore " and " fatty fem“. The next video will be a song titled "Priye" sung in with Tami Ceme. Everything indicates that it will be published Easter week. "Barring any major contingencies, the promise of the 10 clips will be delivered by December 2023," Palmyre said. 

Funding and staff.

The artist has confirmed to us that she has financed all of her productions from the start. Palmyre is also delighted to have a team of collaborators, made up of members residing in different countries, who have been constantly invested in its success, for some since 2010. 

Another major project already underway.

Palmyre entrusted to that she worked in with his manager on a complementary project in English. For the moment, we do not know when and how much music will be available, but the project is in preparation. 

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"You better know what time it is", is the single that launched this project in 2018. Delayed due to various events, the project is now at the top of the list. The next step will be the release of a new song in English in the coming weeks. 

While waiting for this new single, watch today the video of the song "You better know what time it is", it is also available on Apple music HERE.

3 things to know.

is the author of the majority of the music present on his three albums, i.e. 25 out of 35.

The songwriter is also an instrumentalist, she played or still plays the piano, the clarinet, but not anymore, and the violin.

Palmyre loves reading.

We encourage you to support Palmyre, to follow her, to buy her music and to pray for her. 

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