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Palmyre Séraphin was born in New York on October 16, 1982. She began singing at the age of three in the company of her mother who placed her on a small chair each time they had to sing together in church. She took her first steps in violin at the Victorian school of Romel Joseph, an internationally renowned violinist. At the same time she learned piano with Fritz Hunter, piano teacher at Bird College and Léopold professor at the music school of Monette Léopold.

At church, she becomes a member of a quartet with children her age. As she grew up, she discovered at the age of eleven that she could perform songs by great names in music. When she was sixteen, her mother sent her to sing alone in her place. The test is great but she copes with it to the satisfaction of God and the whole church. In 1999 she returned to New York and began singing solo, particularly in Gethsemane, her new church. She also participates in the marching band and plays the clarinet. . It was at college where she began her law studies that she began to be much more interested in literature and music. She takes music courses at college which doesn't offer many because it focuses more on her specialty.

In December 2004, Palmyre obtained his bachelor's degree in pre-law and began pursuing a master's degree in education. While she was preoccupied with her career as a science and English literature teacher, she met Wilkinson Theodore, a well-known artist from the Haitian woman who shows interest in her talent. Introducing him to other well-known artists of the Haitian with whom she has worked a lot, Wilkinson Theodore also introduced her to the Brooklyn Tabernacle, a large choir of 300 members which needs no introduction. Three months after joining the choir, she was one of twenty members selected to sing live on Good morning America on December 24, 2007. She also participated in the production of the album “I'll say Yes” which received a grammy in 2009, thus bringing to six the number of Grammys received by this choir. In 2009 she took leave of the choir and everyone to devote herself to the preparation of her own album, Ou se Jéhovah, an album which once again highlights beauty, , and the real meaning of the sacred.

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