31th May 2023

Where - Groupe Alleluia - Lyrics

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M puts konfyans mwen nan or san manti

M kwè nan plan w gen pou mwen or faithful

Where do you live or live?

Mwen kwè nan or, Mwen kwè nan or


Or get all his m ye

Or get all his genius bezwen

M pa imanjine live san or

M paka viv san ou, Jezi(2 fwa)

M pa ka viv san or

M pa ka viv san or Senye

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Fre Gabe – Lap Gatel Nan Menw (VIDEO)

Lyrics Fre Gabe - Lap Gatel Nan Menw (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Company: ReD Vision Plus Directed, Edited, Colorist: PAG DoP: Roby Pierre Mixing: Inspiration Divine Studio Producer: Ramoon & Shenzi Actor 1: Abel Jean Louis Actor 2: Wlmael Etienne ALL THE GLORY IS FOR THE LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST Source: Youtube link of the video