10th June 2023

ORIELLE – My shelter (video & Lyrics)

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ORIELLE – My shelter (Official Clip)


Oh oh oh oh oh  

Oh oh oh oh 

Oh oh oh oh oh 


Verse 1:

When I lose all hope you are there

Abandoned by all you are there

Under stress, the gaze of society you cover me

Your hand is on me, I become invisible to the eyes of my enemies ih ih ih Yaweh

They wanted to see me fall

But you raised me eh

By your grace and your love you welcomed me

What could I do without your presence in my life ih ih Papa eh eh 



You are my safe haven (oh oh oh oh) 

You are my safe haven (oh oh oh oh)

You are my safe haven 

Lord you saved me

With you I fear nothing 


You are my safe haven (My safe haven) 

You are my safe haven (In you I am reassured)

You are my safe haven 

Lord you saved me

With you I fear nothing


Verse 2:

It is you who searches the hearts 

You fulfill wishes 

You keep your promises 

In my life you do feats 


Your love is endless

Your power is invincible 

Your glory shines

You take up my challenges

You make me precious Baba oh Baba oh oh 



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ORIELLE – My shelter (Official clip) Faced with the difficulties of life, have no fear because God is your safe shelter. Realization: AKOU PICTURES Music by: AKOU L'arranger Label: AKOU MUSIC Management: [email protected] Find ORIELLE on: Facebook: facebook.com/orielleofficiel Instagram: instagram.com/orielleofficiel Tiktok: tiktok.com/@orielleofficiel #AkouMusic #Orielle #GospelUrbain
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ORIELLE – My shelter Source: Youtube link of the video
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