29th May 2023

Omega Mizik – An Nou Louwe Feat. Jean-Marie Papin

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Omega Mizik – An Nou Louwe Feat. Jean Marie Papin [Official 4K Music Video]

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Omega Mizik Official Video » An Nou Louwe – Feat. Jean-Marie Papin » 2016
An Nou Louwe – Feat. Jean-Marie Papin
Album: An Nou Louwe
Lyrics: Papush Innocent
Director: Jean Marie Papin
Executive Producer: Marc Celestin
Coordinating Producer: David Celestin
Program Producer: Isma Jeffrey
Production Assistant: Wildoph Gaston
Video Editor: Jean Marie Papin, Marc Celestin, Javier Goin
Sound Editor: Marc Celestine
Storyboarding: Team Omega
choreographer: David Sincere Aiken
Lead Singer/Actor: Isma Jeffrey
Lead Model/Actress: Katie Celestin
Waitress/Actress: Carrie Ahern
Arieal Photography: Pavel Kubin
PA & Sound: Strike Sound
Lighting & Staging: Strike Sound & Tamer Ghobrial
SPFX: Strike Sound
VFX Engineer: Pavel Kubin, Mark McFine, Marc Celestin
Steady Cam: Jean Marie Papin
Camera Operator 1: Jean Marie Papin
DP: Marc Celestine
MUA: Miss. Green NYC
Catering: District 1804
Turnpike Studios
Paty More Pictures

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Source: Youtube link of the video

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