29th May 2023

"Nan syèl" Adonai's new CD, the result of an unprecedented collaboration

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Jou pa'm nan "," Fò m ale "," Nan syèl ", this is how, in a single sentence" Jou pa m nan fò m ale nan syèl ", the musical director of the Adonai group reports on a certain coherence between the titles of the three albums of the group. A priori, yes, but in the end, the logic does not hold perfectly. In short, the title of this 3e album has been revealed since last year by David Lindor. Sa sortie également a été reportée en plusieurs fois en 2013, faute de finalisation. C’est décidément ce 11 mai que le groupe signe ce disque, à l’église Communauté évangélique de Delmas 75, en compagnie de Gospel Kreyòl et de l’artiste Romy Laguerre. Toute une série de prestations ont précédé cette première vente-signature, tandis que d’autres les suivront jusqu’en décembre où le groupe célèbrera son vingtième anniversaire. « Li pap jan-m lage’w » et « Li ban-m » sont les deux tests pressings qui ont annoncé cet opus depuis l’an dernier.

Fe mwen we chimen Lyrics - Adonai

An unprecedented collaboration ...

Adonaï chose not to make this third album alone. So he got help, if we can put it that way, from the Gospel Kreyòl choir. Indeed, in addition to the active participation of Maestro Welmyr Jean Pierre at the musical and technical levels on the entire album, 3 of the 10 titles that constitute it, particularly enjoy the collaboration of the remarkable Gospel Kreyòl. Structurally, these songs, explains David Lindor, written more than 10 years ago, coincide with the style of the best choir of the year 2013 (Alléluia FM Award). This, to a certain extent, gives the album a particularity, but above all a crossbreeding on the musical level. It is common to see the contribution of musicians from one group to the production of music or albums from other groups, but in the case of Gospel Kreyol and Adonaï, it is a great first in the evangelical world. An original initiative to be encouraged all the same. In addition, it is to a whole new generation of Adonai that this good collaboration also benefits, except Maxime Marc Pierre, interpreter of the hit song, "Jou pa m nan", the pastor Garry Darius, Wesly Saintilma, without forgetting the indefatigable David Lindor, the only figures of the older generation. Adonai is being reborn, without however experiencing a cessation of activity. The workforce having been torn between travel for some members and abandonment for others, a palliative had to be found. It is with this young team that Adonaï will celebrate its twentieth anniversary at the end of this year.

3 albums in 20 years. If we refer to these figures, we can understand that Adonai has not been very prolific in the past. However, he remains one of the groups that has marked evangelical music over the past two decades.

Joel Fanfan
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