8th June 2023

Nahomie Denis – ALO DOKTÈ (video and lyrics)

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Nahomie Denis / ALO DOKTE

Souffle - ELO WALHA (I FIRMLY BELIEVE) - video and lyrics

Title: Alo Dokté
Performer: Nahomie Denis
Sequencer: Stanley Aris (Shegger Beat)
Recording Studio: ZP Records Production
Mixing: Browns Louis Charles
Words and Music: Ricardo Moreau
Arrangement Lyrics: Past. Jacky Chery
Additional lyrics: Martin Luther Jules, Hudson Pierre
Backing vocals: Annie Tracy Isaac, Johny Torcel, Jean Elie Brutus
Piano: Joseph Pierre
Bass: Ricardo Moreau
Percussionist: Sardau Francisco Lafrance
Poster: Chachou Design Graphist
Photo poster: Jazzy's Photography
Special thanks to: Tarah Renaud, Geneviève Louis-Jeunes, Vania Richard, Myrline Joisyl, Sophia Romain Fénélon, Eliel Mercier and family, Serge Saint-Hylaire, Jacques Fénélon, Norman Iméran, Edwidge Metellus, Jobson Demero, all media and sponsors.

Marc Nesly Delmot - Mwen Pa Gen Mo

Source: Youtube link of the video

Rodberry Jacques - Asirans Kè Mwen (video)

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