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Divine Mystery, its history

Divine Mystery, its story!!!

During the 90s, the PVS television channel broadcast the program Teyat Lakay. From there, a group of young people living at First Ave. Bolosse decided to create a theatrical troupe called “Artistic Development of the Children of God (DAED). This troupe, very popular in the sector , frequently organized cultural activities by inviting musical groups. It was at this precise moment that the idea of ​​creating a musical group emerged.

On November 22, 1995, Mr. MARCELLUS Jean Baptiste and Mr. GUERRIER Alphonse Junior decided to create the group “MYSTÈRE”.

After many months of hard work, they finally gave birth to their first song “Talè Konsa”

While distributing the music to the capital's radio stations, they met the late Pastor Molès, host of the Caribbean FM show “La manne du matin” who suggested they include the term “Divine” after Mystère.

Thanks to the media coverage at the time, the group enjoyed immense success and included among its members many talented musicians such as Roosevelt Jean Noël, Charleson Duverne, Nahomie D. Elise, Dener Seide, Obed Beauvil, Sanon Sorel (Soso Brezo), Johnson St Cyr (Ti Bas), Marc Elise (Marco), Johanson Dye (Jojo), Esdras Dinastil José Bautista (Jubau) etc.

The group has two albums to its credit “Fèm Sonje” and “Kenbe Jezi”

With the aim of offering the general public extraordinary work, the group has integrated new figures by joining with old ones to release a new album with varied musical genres which will be released on November 26, 2023.

After 28 years of ministry, the group invites you to celebrate with him by offering you a USB key containing thirteen (13) titles at a price accessible to all budgets on Sunday, November 26, 2023 at the Rendez vous Christ Puits Blain church.


Source of : MARCELLUS Ishmaël
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