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Appreciations, reviews and recommendations on the music of the sisters Valéus and Lovenson Clerveau. 

The magazine's review and appreciation committee a analysé la chanson « Padon » interprétée par les sœurs Valéus et .


First of all, it is important to emphasize that the reviewers are unanimous in saying that it is a beautiful . The artists involved deserve applause for their and their dedication to le message de l'Évangile à travers leur attitude.

La vidéo accompagnant la chanson peut sembler simple, mais elle réussit à transmettre le message correctement et efficacement.

La itself is original and stands out from the norm of the genre . Le style s'approche de l'Afro contemporain, ce qui ajoute une touche de modernité à la chanson. Cela permet également d'atteindre un public plus large, attirant les amateurs de and fans of Afro.

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En ce qui concerne la cohérence biblique, il est évident que les de la chanson sont basées sur des textes bibliques et reflètent une spiritual. The Valéus sisters and are to be commended in several aspects.


This song has undeniable potential, but suffers from certain weaknesses in word articulation and clarity of pronunciation. It is often difficult to grasp certain words, which somewhat affects the auditory experience, especially at the level of the stanzas.

Moreover, it lacks a clear representation of God as a divine being from in this video.

The songwriter should have gone beyond just asking and also address the means of finding the according to .

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Some fans of and even those of the Valeus and Lovenson sisters may be disappointed by this weakness in articulation and lack of clarity in the pronunciation of words.


L' Clerveau a un potentiel indéniable en tant qu'auteur-compositeur et Christian in this kind of . However, it is obvious that he needs to work more on his articulation and vocal technique to perfect his vocal timbre and reach his full potential.

À l'avenir, pour de meilleurs résultats, il est suggéré de chercher des afin de combler au maximum tous les aspects essentiels du sujet traité.

Work on that part of the stanzas that makes the words inaudible to get better results when you have to perform in front of an audience.

Authors of the evaluation

Reginald Joseph
Samuel Cedme
Pastor Davidson Beauvil

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