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Music by Sherline Dalberis, reviews, reviews and recommendations

The criticism and appreciation committee of BGospel magazine analyzed the song “M konte sou ou” performed by .


The artist has a privileged musical approach with a vocal and piano combination. is touching, and this new song is no exception. One more time, offers us a beautiful melody accompanied by a delicate piano.

The subject of the song is interesting and conveys an overly personal signal. The lyrics reflect the artist's deep appreciation for music of this genre.

I find that the musical approach of this piece reflects the identity of the artist. Sherline knows how to convey her emotions through her voice and a piano. Well done !

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However, our evaluators believe that the voice of the artist is little worked, on the technical side, there are rather expectations to catch up.

On the image side, the scenario and the actors were not convincing, which adds to a video of a low quality design.

The subject is certainly a beautiful subject, but a little too melancholy, which does not let us perceive hope or victory at the end of the music which lasted barely 30 seconds. It's as if sadness dominates from beginning to end since we haven't left the desert.

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Sherline should spend more time improving her vocal technique.

For this kind of project, it would be more appropriate to make a lyrical video with animated characters instead of flimsy actors.

For a future project, make sure that the scenarios are in perfect synchronization with the text. Prioritize a lyrical video since the heart of this kind of project is the lyrics and not the artist or the video.

Authors of the evaluation

Samuel Cedme
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
José Bautista

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Samuel Cedme Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus José BautistaMusic by Sherline Dalberis, reviews, reviews and recommendations
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