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Appreciations, criticisms and recommendations on the music of Rode Joseph


“Introspection” a title that says it all. This text contains many essential questions that we should ask ourselves every day in our walk with God.

Un texte rare dans un style peu utilisé dans ce domaine. Rode Joseph, de son nom d'artiste, Frè Robe à quand même bien marier la poésie et la cohérence.

L'artiste a su maintenir une bonne articulation des mots, ce qui rend le message très clair. Bravo !

The music is simple and linear, but it is adapted to convey this kind of message.

The committee's remarks mainly concern the video and the lack of originality in the style.

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Much of the video is made in a church, however the scenes don't seem to add any value to the message.

The rap style is very simplistic and gives the impression of deja heard, fortunately the message is deep.

We could have had a scene in front of a computer to mention social networks or alone in a room for a little solitude, because you don't need to be in a church to talk to God.

A scene representing a time of meditation, or even an attempt to visit a clairvoyant or perhaps go to a clairvoyance site.

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Frè Robe aurait pu parler devant le miroir, car le texte montre que artiste se parle à lui-même.


Frè Robe needs to develop its originality and seek to master more varieties in the way of rapping.

When God gives us many gifts, it is, indeed, a great blessing, but it is very important to seek the advice and expertise of qualified people.

Low quality video generally affects the value and lifespan of a product.

Nos conseils pour l'artiste, travailler son originalité et surtout s'assurer d'avoir de meilleurs scénarios pour une prochaine fois.

Authors of the evaluation

Pastor Davidson Beauvil
Samuel Cedme
Lionel Marcelus, Platform Plus.

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Pastor Davidson Beauvil Samuel Cedme Lionel Marcelus, Platform Plus.Appreciations, criticisms and recommendations on the music of Rode Joseph
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