30th May 2023

Moun or dwe konnen… the new space of Jubau Network

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… A space dedicated to identifying the characters of the evangelical milieu - everywhere in the world - because, on social networks, they are scattered but here, they are grouped together and easier to identify.

… Moun or dwe konnen nan sektè evanjelik la, menm si nou pa nan menm peyi, nap travay pou yon sèl Dye.


Vinn we moun or dwe konnen - klike the

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Louisane Brunot Charles, her story

Louisane Brunot Charles, was born on January 10, 1982 in Hinche, in the Center department of Haiti. She is the sixth born of a family of 9 children, she had a hit in the Dominican Republic in 2018 with the song “Jezi nan Bak la”.


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