8th June 2023

My child, do not be discouraged!

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My child,

I would like to say a little word to encourage you, because I know you need to hear words that will strengthen you in these difficult times.

I want above all to tell you that I love you and I have never stopped loving you. My love for you has no condition or variation, for you are my child and I am your Father.

I can see that life is no longer so obvious to you, it is like a series of fights and failures and it saddens you a lot. You would like to be happy, but your enemies are not ready to leave you in peace, because they hope one day your fall. The blows of life seem to follow each other only on you and you think more about death than about life.

I want to tell you, stay in PEACE, because your Father watches over you and He takes care of everything, your enemies and everything that happens to you; you, continue to walk in My ways. I have not forgotten you, nor left, I'm staying near you.

I see all the efforts you make to please me while many around you live according to the flesh regardless of My word. I understand that you are discouraged (e) not to be blessed as those people who do not fear me and who prosper despite everything.

I say to you: do not be discouraged, look at Me, look at My promises, the FACTOR that I sent to bring you your blessing is not far, wait a little more time, make Me trust and you will see MY GLORY.

I see all that you do for Me, you are filled with zeal for my work, an authentic and genuine zeal; Know that I really appreciate that. I am proud of you my child and I admire the dedication and the actions you are doing for the advancement of My Kingdom. I see how others neglect and minimize what you do for me, I see how, they put you in the wheel so you can not move forward. I also see how easy it is for you to continue to serve Me.

I want to say to you: do not be discouraged, continue with zeal what you started, because one day I will raise you and you will be a SERVITOR (a SERVANT) privileged (E) of the ETERNAL of the ARMIES.

I see all the hours you give me in prayer. You and I are frequently together. Unlike many of My children, you love My presence and you enter it almost all the time. Know that I savor every moment spent with you, these are pure moments of happiness and communion for Me each time. I know that you think that I am far from you, that you think our relationship is broken because of certain things that you would like to see or that you no longer see.

Let Me tell you: Do not be discouraged, continue to pray, tolove and to praise me, for in my presence you will obtain everything, I promise you.

Do not be discouraged My child, because I am with you!

I love you with an eternal love; That's why I keep you My goodness! Jeremiah 31: 3

Auteur: Donald SORO

Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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