30th May 2023

Gentlemen, take care of your skin!

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On one side there is no skin women and on the other hand that of men, but skins: thick, oily, combination, fragile, erythematous, etc. So, although it is true that a skinmale is generally more resistant, men need, like their female counterparts, care adapted to the specific characteristics of their skin and their possible deficiencies.

How to make a new skin for men?

Two basic tips: cleanse and moisturize. In this sense, the pleasant texture and comfort of the cream will make all the difference, as a pledge of continued care. Indeed, compliance is the key to maximum efficiency. The skin is maintained daily. But to keep her healthy, one should not rely solely on cosmetics. The hygiene of life plays a primordial role, in particular by avoiding the three greatest enemies of our skin : smoking, alcohol and the sun.

Skin: masculine specificities

La men's skin is thicker and therefore more resistant. But, better vascularized, it produces more sebum, hence a skin fatter than that of women and therefore prone to pimples and black dots. skin aging is also different between genders. At themenwrinkles appear later, but will be deeper. Shaving is a daily aggression against the skin delicate facial, which especially promotes pimples and ingrown hairs. Moreover, by destroying the hydrolipidic film, composed of sebum and sweat, it deprives the skin a protective barrier. The skin pulls, irritates more easily in the cold, when cleaning with soap, in case of stress, fatigue. It becomes dehydrated, loses resistance and tone.

Men's skin, in practice

So, no shame to use the cream of your womanbut better to choose the one that suits you best. Laboratories cosmetics offer wide ranges of cosmetics for men, enjoy it. Remember, it's the consistency that counts, not the number of products purchased.

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Louisane Brunot Charles, her story

Louisane Brunot Charles, was born on January 10, 1982 in Hinche, in the Center department of Haiti. She is the sixth born of a family of 9 children, she had a hit in the Dominican Republic in 2018 with the song “Jezi nan Bak la”.


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