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The history of this name

The MÉLOMANE SPIRIT group was founded on March 29, 2014 by maestro Cliford BLAISE. We called him “Friends of BLAISE” because he always received invitations to sing here and there but for each performance he gathered his friends.

The last performance of the group under this name was held at the Wesleyan Church of Carrefour-feuilles and after this performance, the group announced that it would change its name.
Ils ont convenu qu'ils étaient tous passionnés de musique, et la représentation à l'église Wesleyenne à démontré que le groupe est sous l'influence du Saint-Esprit, d'où le mot SPIRIT qui signifie Spirituel et/ou Esprit Saint.

Ainsi, le groupe fut nommé MÉLOMANE SPIRIT, c'est-à-dire Esprit Saint de la musique. Le groupe a pour devise : « l'esprit de la musique, l'étoile de bénédiction, Aigle puissant ».

François Lenord MERLIN, Jenny-Sarah ABELLARD, Mickenson DIMANCHE and Wenchy RAYMOND were there during the founding of the group under the presidency of Cliford BLAISE. Subsequently, there were other members like Sandra and Kathia LOUIS, Jean Wacky PIERRE, Udson DESTINÉ to name a few.

Rolande Louis: A star of religious music


In September 2014, the group released their first music "PSAUMES 121" with the voices of Jenny-Sarah ABELLARD, Jean Wacky PIERRE and the maestro. The public asked for an album, but life isn't always easy and the band had a hard time. However, in 2018, they released new music titled “ God's promises and, after nine months, the video for that song. At the beginning of 2020, he released a third music titled " M'BENI NON'W JEZI" page (in French).

Reborn to become better

In June 2020, the group had to disband due to insecurity. Some members had to leave the capital, the maestro no longer had a home because the area where he lived was under the control of armed gangs, and the group remained silent for a year.

Sylvio Louis: The Biography of a Gospel Rapper Committed to Hope

Sous la dictée du Saint Esprit, le maestro a recruté de nouveaux membres et recommencera en avril 2022. D'où le thème de notre année 2022-2023  » RENAÎTRE POUR DEVENIR MEILLEUR. »

The album fans have been waiting for

We celebrated our 9th anniversary by organizing an event called SOMMET SPIRITUEL DE RENAISSANCE with the help of the association of young people from the Baptiste du Bon Berger church (AJEBBB) on March 24 to 26 and released on March 29 the volume1 of the album LES PROMESSES DE DIEU which contains 6 tracks.

Today we can shout loud and clear EBEN-EZER, EBEN-EZER, so far the Lord has helped us.


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