10th June 2023



BGospel newsletter

Marthe ABEL, a Capoise who sings the Glory of God with her extraordinary voice.

Originally from Cap-Haitien, Marthe ABEL has been singing since she was young. After converting to Christianity, this beautiful spark devoted himself body and soul to gospel music. At school, Marthe was the reference when it came to singing. Evolving in the Nord department, this artist continues to be talked about.

Achievements and Influence

After music, the administrative assistant exclaims that she does not live or depend on this original passion, because she performs other functions in a full-time professional capacity. However, with " EKSTAZ » a first music, released on January 8, 2023, it won the hearts of music lovers in the evangelical sector in a quarter of an hour. The composer says she is more reassured when she sings her most faithful notes in church instead of the interpretations of other artists. On the other hand, Taya, Wiliadel DENERVIL, Jameson INNOCENT, Delly Benson et Salil LIRAH are among other models that inspire the young Capoise in her musical career.

Marah - Li se Bondye (audio and lyrics)

Work with young people, help support those around you, establish groups to prayer ; are the various social touches that Marthe ABEL indulges in to impact her community.

Expectation for 2023

"I don't have a specific date for the release of my music, but I have several titles in preparation which will be available during the year" expressed the singer, while demanding temporal patience among these supporters. However, she hopes to share new content in order to attract more Internet users to follow her. As for this rise in ecstasy, we can expect to experience the fullness of the 3 rd heaven under the audible voice of Marthe ABEL.