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The “Souf pou Ayiti” movement is expanding, an international march is announced.

The “Souf pou Ayiti” movement is expanding, a “Mach mondyal” is announced.

After the launch of the movement " during the which began on June 4, Bishop Gregory Toussaint invited Haitians to sign a petition aiming to reach 100,000 signatures by July 16, 2023.
The goal was reached earlier than expected. The Haitians answered the call and came full circle within days of the start.
See the text on the petition here:
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While previous evenings had been comparable with the TG logo, this June 20, 2023, dresses with an “In Haiti” blouse. For people who do not remember this movement in 2018, with pastors Gregory Toussaint, Yvan Castanou and Mohammed Sanogo, I invite you to read the article here.
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If "In Haiti" was a unique movement, " » wants to be a movement in multiple actions, more concrete and more targeted. The founding pastor of the announces a "great international march" to be held on July 9.
Remember that this year, this edition of the “40 days of fasting” has become the essential activity for a large majority of Haitians.
After having gathered around this initiative, the majority of Psalmists and renowned worshipers from the evangelical musical sector, it is the turn of the pastors to take part in the “great international march” which will take place on July 9.
Several pastors have already responded yes to the movement. Pastors Wilner Prudent, Carlos Pierre and Eddy Gervais from Miami. from Jacksonville, Max Moise Saul from Haiti, Samuel Nicolas, Mullery Jean Pierre and Malory Laurent from New York. Phil Mercidieu from Fort Meyers, Wilner Cayo, Caleb Barthélus, Daniel Chery and Emmanuel Dessalines from Canada.
The association is open to other churches, associations or other interested entities. A registration form is available online.
To register click here :
Before the end of this edition, several important announcements will surprise us favorably.
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May God bless Bishop Gregory Toussaint, and all the people around him. The man is not perfect, but his good deeds and leadership cannot be ignored.
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