Marc Harry Joseph, ft. Beethoven C. & Shelcy M. Christophe, Tout Par Le Sang [LYRICS]

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Marc Harry Joseph feat. Beethoven Chenet & Shelcy M. Christophe – All Through Blood [LYRICS]


All the Glory is to God!

Album release: (All by Blood) very soon

By your blood you washed me
In your name, everything has changed
By your love, I am filled
My Saint, my King
Praised be my JESUS
Praised be the Most High
Praised be the Lamb of GOD
My Saint, my King
all by blood
Your blood set me free
all by blood
Your blood saved me
all by blood
Your blood has redeemed me
My Saint, my King
Everything, everything (again)

Director: Robert Nelson
Production: Koule Kreyol Productions

Text and Melody: Marc Harry Joseph
Arranger: Beethoven CHENET
Keys: Beethoven CHENET
Bassist: Eddy Lamarre & Maestro Carlo Bass
Percussionist: Ceneq
Guitarist: Jonas D'Or
Mixing & Mastering: Marc Sound Studio (ING Marc Henry Frederick)
Recording: SAJ Studio
Background vocals:
Shelcy M. Christophe
Romy Laguerre
Michael Maisonartwork
Beethoven CHENET


Source: Youtube link of the video


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