29th May 2023

Eat spinach - it will protect your DNA

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It will protect your ADN !

It's the result of a study carried out by researchers at the Cancer Research Institute of the University of Medicine in Vienna (Austria).

They swallowed, for 16 days in a row, 225 g spinachhomogenized to 8 people.

Before, during and after, they analyzed lymphocytes ( white blood cells that protect our immune system) and they saw that they were doing better and better, resistant to attacks by enzymes that damage theirADN.

At the same time, of course, there were good doses offolic acid(vitamin B9) in the blood of these eaters ofspinach.

Normal, it's a vegetable which is particularly rich. The vitamin B9 is not only necessary for the synthesis de l 'ADN, but also to the formation of the nucleus of cells and the creation of Red cells.  

And since it is a Vitamins very beneficial, which we risk missing because there are not tons in our diet, eat spinach !

Small shoots in salad, this is delicious. Or just dropped into a pan with a little olive oil: it takes 5 minutes. And it does not take more to wash them.

But if you're really in a hurry, there are spinach frozen


sources: Impact of spinach consumption on DNA stability in peripheral lymphocytes and on biochemical blood parameters: results of a human intervention trial ”, European Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 50 Number 7; 587-594.

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