10th June 2023

My rebirth (Live) – the Music Chapel ft. Etienne Charles

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My rebirth (Live) – the Music Chapel ft. Etienne Charles


#Easter #lachapellemusique #praise

Discover "My Renaissance" in live version performed by Étienne Charles during the Easter meeting of our church La Chapelle.

To watch the entire Easter meeting: https://youtu.be/cr0QpGdNIIQ

Download the lyrics: https://bit.ly/ma-renaissance-paroles
Download the scores: https://bit.ly/ma-renaissance-partitions

1 couplet
I heard of this peace
With a love too big, too big to be true
Start over, and start again
At the cross you tell me that my past is gone

Here is my rebirth
From death to life
my rebirth
From the shadow to the light
Infinite grace of our God
Who once saved me
Freed from my past here is my rebirth

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2 couplet
Now I see, I can't deny
What in Jesus my life has been changed
If not even a tomb could keep him locked away
At his voice, I rise and walk by his side

3 couplet
When the strong wind comes unleashed
And everything in me wants to give up
Even if the enemy wants to remind me of my past
I'll tell him about his future, for at the cross his fate was sealed

Words and music: Philippe Bédard, Sébastien Corn, Quentin Neto
Electric guitar: Philippe L'Allier
Acoustic guitar: Nathan L'Allier
Bass: Philippe Cyr

Marc Nesly Delmot - Mwen Pa Gen Mo


About “My Renaissance”: When death is a gesture of infinite love, all hope is allowed. The hope of starting from scratch, of a second chance. It is this love and this hope, as well as the rebirth to which Jesus gave us access to the cross, highlighted by this song composed by Sébastien Corn, Philippe Bédard and Quentin Neto. Carried by the unique groove of Etienne Charles, Ma Renaissance will put a smile on your moments of praise.


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