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Loutchina Decius, the golden voice of the evangelical sector, promises a 100% spiritual album

Born June 7, 2001, is a young to the golden voice of the sector . As a child, she began to sing children of his church. At the age of 10, she took part in the great "summer sun" competition in Haiti, where she was crowned champion.

From this great feat, she made her way into the professional world of . In 2013, it was with “Mélodie Production” that the will launch his career and advance until now.

“Before the age of 10, I had not dreamed of becoming a , because I didn't even know if I had this , mais c'était le plan de Dieu » a déclaré Loutchina lors de son entretien à .

Dreams and Career

While planning to make her professional career in event planning, the make-up enthusiast sees herself excelling in this field in the future.

Jovenel Joseph, who is he?

Apart from these various titles like " Lanmou Sensè released in 2022, she has also collaborated with several artists in the community such as: Salil Lirah in "Lap beniw", In " Play on shore » in “Sèl Jezi”, In " Priye " to quote only those.

In 2019, the country's socio-political crises forced the à reporter la sortie de son premier album, elle a également mentionné que ce contretemps lui a été très fructueux car ce n'était pas encore le temps fixé par Dieu.

His first album

Among these new projects, confirmed a second time the big premiere of his album for the year 2023 by bringing another reworking of the old of the last. "LANMOU SENSÈ" (title of the album) is a 100% spiritual product that has eight including: “Pran batay la pou mwen”, “Sèlman kwè” with the participation of SPENCER BRUTUS, Brother GABE and so many others.

Rigaud Dessources, history and promise.

Given the musical trends (, ) often found in the artist's playlists, she affirms that there will also be varieties like the and Afro.

The first signature sale will take place on August 20, 2023 en in Santo Domingo, then the management staff plans other tours in Haiti and elsewhere. , DJ Holy, Rosena J. ORYS, Brother GABE are the artists who appear on the poster of this great event.

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